#HipsterHoneymoon – Sleepless in Seattle and Other Smells.

Day 1: Seattle, WA to Long Beach, WA. 171 mi.

When AV and I landed in Seattle to begin our roadtrip journey we quickly realized a few things:

1. We were free to do WHATEVER we wanted. Even though we’re in our twenties and finished with college, the fact we were together and on an adventure just made things ‘cooler’.

2. Car rentals are confusing.

3. Leaving Seattle and sneaking into Canada is apparently a really big deal. I have never before been asked, “Are you SURE you’re not going to Canada?”, 3 times in a row.

Once we jumped into the car I suddenly realized that AV spent the last few years in NYC, so I asked her, “Dude, when was the last time you drove a car?”

AV brought dandiya, you know, "just in case."

AV brought dandiya (top of the photo), you know, “just in case.”

It was the first time she had driven a car in 2 months.

After the initial shock of being in a new city in a car driven by AV, we pulled out our map. Yes. A map. I bought one at the airport because I thought it would be useful and come on, maps are cool. They make for some awesome pictures.

The map in question.

The map in question.

After spazzing out about how cool Seattle was, AV and I started what we were REALLY excited about; driving along Highway 101.

Seattle is so quirky. This is at Pike Place Market. The stuff you see on the wall is chewing gum. yummm

Seattle is so quirky. This is at Pike Place Market. The stuff you see on the wall is chewing gum. yummm

Fast forward a few hours: AV and I were on Highway 101, which means beautiful forests, pleasant breezes, and ABSOLUTELY NO CELL PHONE SIGNAL. AV had made a humongous Spotify roadtrip playlist which in her words was, “Seriously the shit. It’s epic.”

Well, no signal = no Spotify. The remainder of the trip was listening to fuzzy radio and the 40 or so songs on my iPad. And you know what? We loved it.

The test of true friendship is being in a car with someone with music you are being forced to listen to.

Day 1 of our #HipsterHoneymoon contained one of my and AV’s favorite memory of our friendship. As we drove out of Seattle and into the beautiful woods towards our next destination, AV opened the car windows because the car was getting stuffy. After a few seconds we both looked at each other and asked, “Wait. What smells so good?”

After looking around the car and realizing no one had scented lotion on, it hit us. The forests along Highway 101 smelled like heaven. Of course, AV went nuts and put her entire head out the window because she wanted “to remember this smell forever, NYC doesn’t provide me with nature smells.” I still laugh when I remember this moment.

As we continued on, blasting our lame music through the countryside, I stopped the car at a scenic overlook. Once I turned the car off we realized that this spot was the quietest spot we have ever encountered. I suddenly felt bad that we poisoned the forest with the sounds of “Dark Horse” and “Dog Days Are Over”.

What I believe to be the quietest place on Earth. Along Highway 101, Washington.

What I believe to be the quietest place on Earth. Along Highway 101, Washington.

AV and I got out the car and whipped out our DSLR’s, taking pictures and freaking out (as usual) about how cool the scene was. Then…the drunk guy appeared. I swear, it’s a law of nature: The presence of 2 or more women causes a very drunk man to approach them. This guy stumbled out of his tent, in the middle of a scenic outlook that was along a freaking highway. A HIGHWAY. He politely asked us for some money as he sat near his tent. After denying him money and taking the pictures we wanted, we got in the car turned the music back on. This time, we didn’t blast it.

Many hours later, once the olfactory overload had subsided, we stopped by at a little pizza joint near the cabins we were staying at. I don’t think I’ve ever seen AV more excited about food. Ever. If we hadn’t found that pizza place when we did I’m pretty sure AV would have come back from this trip alone…with me never being found.

Chico's Pizza saving my life.

Chico’s Pizza saving my life.

FINALLY, we got to our cabins and freaked about again about how cute it was. The main thing about this cabin was the fact that THERE WERE Q-TIPS IN A JAR IN THE BATHROOM. That’s when you know you’re in the right place. #HighRolling

We changed our clothes, planned the next day a bit, and went to bed. Well, AV went to bed, I found a boat paddle on the wall and kept it next to my bed…you know, in case of a serial killer or if AV got hungry again.




#HipsterHoneymoon – “Let’s go on a trip man. I love you.”

This summer was a summer of change for me and most of my friends: graduation, break-ups, new jobs, new people, and new homes.

I called up one of my childhood besties during a particular rough patch for both of us this summer, and I’m not sure if it was a product of raw emotion or just anger, but we decided that we needed to get out.

Get out of our surroundings and our norms. Get out of this cycle of thinking negative thoughts and brooding over broken relationships, worrying about starting a new chapter, and confused about the direction of well…everything.

“We should totally go to Spain. Have you seen the guys in Spain?”

Yea…looked up the price of one flight and we quickly decided something domestic was more our pace for now. So we searched and talked like best friends do.

We talked about something epic! Something fresh that forced us to step outside our comfort level. Something with good food and much needed isolation. A place that you could only imagine existed on Instagram.

That’s when it hit us: let’s go on a roadtrip.

Here’s to a start of a series that I’ve been waiting to begin. I’ll be posting some anecdotes, pictures, and travel tips from our trip that we can now say was one of the most rewarding experiences of our young lives.

Here’s to a total of 1,183 miles of driving and here’s to my fellow sister-friend AV.


Along the Pacific. Photo Credit: AV

Along the Pacific. Photo Credit: AV