#HipsterHoneymoon – “Let’s go on a trip man. I love you.”

This summer was a summer of change for me and most of my friends: graduation, break-ups, new jobs, new people, and new homes.

I called up one of my childhood besties during a particular rough patch for both of us this summer, and I’m not sure if it was a product of raw emotion or just anger, but we decided that we needed to get out.

Get out of our surroundings and our norms. Get out of this cycle of thinking negative thoughts and brooding over broken relationships, worrying about starting a new chapter, and confused about the direction of well…everything.

“We should totally go to Spain. Have you seen the guys in Spain?”

Yea…looked up the price of one flight and we quickly decided something domestic was more our pace for now. So we searched and talked like best friends do.

We talked about something epic! Something fresh that forced us to step outside our comfort level. Something with good food and much needed isolation. A place that you could only imagine existed on Instagram.

That’s when it hit us: let’s go on a roadtrip.

Here’s to a start of a series that I’ve been waiting to begin. I’ll be posting some anecdotes, pictures, and travel tips from our trip that we can now say was one of the most rewarding experiences of our young lives.

Here’s to a total of 1,183 miles of driving and here’s to my fellow sister-friend AV.


Along the Pacific. Photo Credit: AV

Along the Pacific. Photo Credit: AV